Our Staff

The late John Molnar BA, CPM®, FRI, CRP, PRA

With more than 33 years experience in property management, project management, lecturing, reserve fund planning, insurance appraising and consulting, both nationally and internationally, John started JJ Molnar Realty Advisors Inc. in 2006 upon observing the demand for a management company that tailors their services to individual property investors.

His career started in Hamilton, and then migrated to Toronto, serving managers, insurance companies, pension funds, local and off-shore investors, condominium corporations and property managers. He was even a private sector consultant to the Auditor General of Canada, the Department of External Affairs and the Royal Saudi family.

Recognizing the need for an alternative to the popular engineered reserve fund study model, John personally apprenticed under Hans J. Moehring, the pioneer of the functional reserve fund study model. He also became a Trained Marshall & Swift Appraiser. After leaving his position, as Vice President, with Chambers Commercial Real Estate in Hamilton, he started his own firm, providing reserve fund studies, insurance appraisals, technical audits performance audits for condominium clients.

Unfortunately, John passed away in August of 2009. His legacy of providing outstanding management lives on in JJ Molnar Realty Advisors Inc., now run by his daughter, Beth Molnar.

Beth Molnar

Beth began working for JJ Molnar Realty Adviosrs Inc. from its inception with the intention of following in her father's footsteps. Acting as Executive Director since August 2009, Beth continues to provide real estate investors with the same unique management style as her late father.

She is a Trained Marshall & Swift Appriaser, working for condominium boards and managers across Southern Ontario.

Her firm provides commercial property management for local and off-shore investors. In addition, the company performs transitional management for lenders in possession, as well as construction management and real estate advisory services, for a variety of local and international clients.

Email: jjmolnar@cogeco.net

Don Gratton P.Eng.

Don has conducted Performance & Technical Audits and Reserve Fund Studies on condominiums throughout the GTA and Golden Horseshoe for the last 6 years.

He has maintained his professional engineer's license in Ontario since 1969, serving over 25 years in technical capacities for Sun Oil Company Limited and Ontario Hydro. He subsequently gained useful experience in construction and in condominium management before doing more than 20 Technical and Performance Audits for condominiums during the last several years. Don published a paper "Acoustic Separation in Townhouses" in the CCI magazine.

Email: dgratton@bellnet.ca

Rosalind Kemp-Gleave CGA

Rosalind has more than 30 years experience in business and accounting for major firms in Southern Ontario and specializes in Property Management accounting and business management for the firm.

Email: jjmaccounting@cogeco.net

Steve Gzrdynski M.A.A.T.O

Steve has more than 30 years of experience in architectural design and project management working with major Ontario architectural firms and clients.

His areas of expertise are with the Ontario Building Code, construction and project management, architectural design, reserve fund studies, technical inspections and reports.