Scope of Work


The scope of the performance audit is to describe the common area components of the complex and determine deficiencies, if any that are structural in nature, and which, in the case where common elements components affect the individual units, adversely affect the value or comfort of the occupants, as well as noting any significant building code and/or fire code violations, electrical code violations and health & safety violations.




Our work in preparing the performance audit for you will involve the following:


  1. Describe the construction of the building(s) and site work

  1. Identify the components of the building(s) and site work that are common elements of the registered condominium corporation

  1. Determine whether there are any deficiencies in the performance of the common elements (of the building(s) and site work) described in the Description of the Declaration after construction that:

  1. may give rise to a claim for payment out of the guarantee fund under Section 14 of the New Home Warranties Plan Act to the corporation or

  1. subject to the regulations made under the Condominium Act, 1998, would give rise to a claim described in Section 44, Clause (a) if the property of the corporation were subject to the Act

  1. Conduct a survey of the owners of the corporation (according to Section 44 of the Condominium Act) and submit them to Tarion as required

  1. Conduct a visual site inspection and condition assessment of the building(s) and site work, pursuant to those components as defined in the condominium's declaration (or proposed declaration)

  1. Conduct a visual inspection of several of the typical unit interiors

  1. Interview the client and/or site manager

  1. Examine all relevant documentation (proposed condominium declaration, by-laws, maintenance agreements, building plans, etc)

  1. Classify and quantify all common elements and determine deficiencies, if any