Property Management Services


General Services


  • Systematic management approach through the implementation of formula policies and procedures.
  • Utilize sate of the art computer information systems.
  • Timely and detailed reporting per client's custom requirements.
  • Provide general operational advice regarding TSSA and Building Code requirements, the Employment Standards Act, the Tenant Protection Act, the Occupational Health & Safety Act, the Human Rights Code and related legislation.
  • Provide guidance on enhancing value and risk reduction.
  • Maintain General Liability and Errors & Omissions Insurance.
  • Provide Construction/Project Management services for rehabilitation or retrofit.
  • Disaster Plan for the Asset.

Operational Management & Maintenance Services

  • Preparation of Management Plan.
  • Supervise grounds and building maintenance.
  • Develop Preventative Maintenance Plan; schedule and supervise.
  • Ensure thorough regularly-scheduled property inspections.
  • Establish formal maintenance policies & procedures for the client.
  • Diligently report maintenance matters or incidents.
  • Solicit quotations; negotiate & maintain all necessary service contracts.
  • Procure all goods & services at best value using volume purchasing where possible.
  • Administer and supervise all trades and on-site personnel as required.
  • Maintain and Inventory Control System.
  • Supervision of safety and security programs.
  • Maintain Parking controls.
  • Advise on necessary repairs and deficiencies.
  • Advise on necessary capital repairs or improvements.
  • Supervise existing site staff, recommend changes (if necessary), recruit, train and develop them.

Financial Accounting Services

  • Budget preparation, variance reporting, control and analysis.
  • Prepare the year-end unaudited financial statements; audit co-ordination.
  • Handle banking functions, as directed by the client.
  • Collect, record and report all receipts including, parking and charges to occupants for in-unit services.
  • Maintain accounts receivable control; follow up on overdue accounts.
  • Establish & maintain purchasing controls.
  • Pay all accounts by the due dates to ensure continuing availability of positive credit and avoid interest penalties.
  • Prepare quarterly or monthly financial reports which include, income statements, general ledger, income registers, expense registers and cash flow statements.

Administration Services

  • Preparation of a Management Plan, including an Operating Budget for review and approval by the client.
  • Provide comprehensive quarterly or monthly and annual Financial/Management Reports - electronically sent or hard copies.
  • Maintain and control record and accounting with a detailed audit trail.
  • Promptly and diligently respond to all inquiries or concerns.
  • Advise on adequate insurance coverage, administer claims under policy and maintain appropriate records.
  • Recruit, hire, train and supervise on-site personnel in accordance with the terms agreed upon by the client. Establish job descriptions and work schedules, as required.
  • Provide general advice with respect to compliance with the legislation pertinent to the property.
  • Attorn rents and correspond with the tenants as required.