Technical Audit Report


Our technical audit is a user friendly report that incorporates clear explanations, comprehensive analyses and valuable tools to assist clients to understand and implement remedial action to address code violations and/or construction deficiencies.


Highlights of the report include:


1.  Property description and scope


A general description of the property, its legal description and definition of the boundaries of the units (the latter two coming from the condominium's declaration). It also includes information based on interviewing unit occupants and site management staff.


2.  Basic building construction components


A summary of the basic structural components with brief explanations.


3.  Project data


Specific data page with descriptions and quantification of the property statistics, building data and site improvements based on the examination of drawings that are available, or field measurements if no drawings are available.


4. Site plan


A reduced copy of the site plan showing the lot, building footprints(s), parking and driveway areas, etc. If no registered survey is available for reduction, then a representative sketch is provided.


5. Component schedule


A list of the common elements components examined in the report.


6. Survey of owners - questionnaire


A copy of the occupant questionnaire.


7.  Appendix


(a) Analyst's qualifications and experience


(b) Copy of certificate of authorization from the Professional Engineers of Ontario


(c) Summary of questionnaire results


(d) Boundaries of units (from schedule "C" of the declaration).