Training & Designations


There are only two professional designations for reserve fund analysts.


The first is the CRP (Certified Reserve Planner), originally designed and taught by Hans J. Moehring, BA, FRI, CRP for the Real Estate Institute of Canada.


Second is the PRA (Professional Reserve Analyst) awarded by the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts in the USA.


John Molnar has both of these designations and is the first Canadian to be awarded the PRA from APRA. John obtained his CRP designation in 2002 and personally apprenticed under Hans Moehring for five years. He then met the stringent requirements for the PRA designation in 2007.


While several analysts working for engineering firms took the fast track course in 2002 to obtain their CRP designations, by and large they continue to use the standard "engineering reserve fund study model" of their employers.


The Real Estate Institute of Canada recently entered into a partnership with the Institute of Real Estate Studies, operated by Scott Fischer, CRP, to deliver the Certified Reserve Planner education program after Scott obtained his CRP in 2007. It is the only formal program for reserve fund analysts currently available in the industry. For more information on the program, check out the REIC website.